Me Myself & My Camera

My name is Janette but you can call me Jenny. I started in the visual arts with video and motion but quickly realized my heart was in still photography. I wanted to work with people in a more direct way. In fact if I had to name three things I'm passionate about I'd say God, my Mother, and working with people. Wait, what about photography, you might wonder? The amazing thing about photography for me is that it's a vehicle for endless, and amazing, interactions with all kinds of people.  



I received my B.A. in Professional Photography in December 2005 from Brooks Institute of Photography and the focus of my work is weddings and portraits. I shoot in a "in the moment" or candid style. I love the little moments of real life that happen in a wedding and driving around cities searching for locations is one of my favorite things to do. I am all about showing your true colors (yes that’s a song from Cyndi Lauper!).

If we were at a cocktail party together you might learn:  I am Jesus Follower, a night-owl, wear glasses,  always carry a book with me ( I tend to read five books at once and it's not uncommon for me to lose one at a hotel),  I live in one of rarest border towns in Southern California (where 95% of the population is bilingual),  and I'm a huge Cyndi Lauper Fan (well mostly the '80s music). 

Hopefully this gives you a taste of who I am but let's talk more. If you have a project in mind give me a call, or send me e-mail, and let's have some virtual coffee. I would love to catch your true colors!

Oh, and I always welcome a book recommendation.